Friday, July 26, 2013

Elric vs. Elminster... who'd win? (The Best Answer)

On Monday, I asked: "Who would win in a fight--Elric of Melnibone of Elminster of Shadowdale?"

Some said Elric, others said Elminster. Elric has, of course, Stormbringer. But Elminster has all kinds of twinked out magic. However, +Moe Tousignant on G+ gave the best answer:

"Elric who would cradle a dying Elminster in his lap crying. 
See they would start battling, at a stand off but then realize that the lords of Chaos are the true enemies. Then they would unite and have an epic 12 book quest saving not only the known realm but 13 unknown ones as well. We would find out that Elminster is also an aspect of the Eternal champion and the two would become blood brothers through this experience. Then just at the end as they are about to walk off into the phlogistrom Stormbringer would strike forcing Elric to stab his now long time friend and ally in the back."

Yeah, that'd definitely be keeping in both the traditions of the Elric Saga and the numerous Forgotten Realms books.



  1. This answer, while awesome, totally illustrates why I couldn't get past the 4th Elric book.

    1. Totally understandable. I dug them though.


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