Monday, July 8, 2013

Mini Monday: Miniature Painting Doldrums...its okay.

How do you deal with not wanting to paint miniatures?

Lately I've been neglecting my painting. I go to my work area, look down at my latest project and go "nah." Then I look through my other unpainted miniatures, looking for something that might pique my interest. Nothing. Not really anyway.

I've still only completed 9 miniatures for this year, out of my goal of 52. I've got quite a few half-painted miniatures, namely a unit of Hundred Years' War mounted knights. The desire to paint miniatures has been gone for awhile.

At times, I can't help but compare myself to other, more prolific, painters. Here I am with my little goal of 52 miniatures, while I know of people who complete a whole unit for a given army in a couple weeks. I also know of somebody who completed a Warhammer 40k Space Marine army in a week (I don't know if that included assembly). How can I ever be that prolific? Should I be that prolific? I thought about it, and my answer is "no."

This is okay.

And its okay that I haven't completed many projects this year.

There's lots of other things going on in my life, namely my writing. Did you see I self-published my first novella, Murder on the Hot Flats? (And it's got its first review--5 stars! whoo-hoo!) And today my first novel, Anne Greyhawk and the Valkyries, is going up on my other website, The Word of Stelios, in serialized form.

I guess part of it, too, is the whole sitting down thing. I spent most of my day writing, at and the end of the day I want to get off my butt and do something else besides sit some more.

Oddly enough, as I type this, I'm getting the urge to paint. Maybe I'll set aside an hour this evening to work on a project.

What do you do when you hit the miniature painting doldrums?


  1. I found figure/unit goals were interfering with my enjoyment of other gaming related activity, even actual game playing. It dawned on me that with limited hobby time, it was silly to fret that I wasn't spending it on the "right" aspect of the hobby.

    One thing I did this year was to get away from completion goals and simply set a goal to paint 2x a month for 1 hour at a time. So far, it has worked quite well. It doesn't matter if all I get done is priming or a base coat since the whole point is time in the chair not figures completed.

  2. I agree with John in that I stopped setting myself deadlines for the same reasons.

    I found attending my local club and playing games helps me. After playing I found that the unit that I felt punched above there weight seemed to get my attention and I would spend more time on them.
    Every game being different means that all models at some point get some attention and maybe even finished (what I call finished anyway)

  3. Yes, I think that setting aside a budget of time rather than of figures completed is the most productive thing to do. It's like writing, really--rather than say, "I'm going to write a chapter this week!" you just say, "I'm going to write X number of words this week!" and then do that, and the chapters will inevitably flow.

    Also, over the years I've grown aware of my own patterns. I tend to go great guns on a project and then come to a full stop, usually for at least a couple weeks and often longer, at certain predictable points, namely, after I've done assembly and priming and after I've done base-coating and need to start in on the detailed bits.


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