Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Murder on the Hot Flats, a Short Novella, now Available for Kindle

Till Wilderwine, a mercenary seeking gold and glory, has just found the captain of his kompanie strangled in his own tent. Worse, a fellow mercenary has seen Till with the body. Yet before either of them can figure out what to do, they are called to resume a holy war against an ancient enemy.

As the death of the captain throws the mercenaries into disorder, Till discovers that even his own judgement has been compromised by the fatigues of war. He only has his sword, Titanhauer, to help him survive the enemy's onslaught. But is it enough? Muust he give up his earthly desires for material wealth and place his faith in a higher power?

Murder On The Hot Flats: A Tale of the War for the City of Peace is part war story, part gritty fantasy, and part religious fiction all rolled into one novella.

Now available for Kindle on Amazon.com.

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