Saturday, July 27, 2013

Soundtrack Saturday: King Arthur Movie Soundtrack

For Soundtrack Saturdays, I've been covering soundtracks that I enjoy, some I'm just downright enthusiastic about. Obviously, since music tastes vary from person to person, some of you will disagree with my selections. But, for the most part, if I like it. I'll recommend it. 

King Arthur: Original Score, by Hans Zimmer, however, is a mixed bag. Like the movie. which came out in 2004, its starts off strong, but then somewhere along the way you just stop caring. Both the movie and its soundtrack isn't necessarily bad, but they're not particularly good, either. 

The only two tracks I can recommend are....

"Tell Me Now," by Moya Brennan, and...

...the first half of "Woad to Ruin."

Why? Because these tracks, at first, appears to be great for an RPG session because they are long (the shortest is 5 min and 54 sec. The problem: it often seems like they've combined what should have been two separate tracks into one. "Woad to Ruin" for example, starts off slow, giving you awe and wonder, and then around the 6 minute mark it becomes fast paced for combat. 

And you'd think that "Hold the Ice" would be great for be great for combat. Because in the movie there was a fight on a frozen lake. But no... its kinda slow. More pondering the ambiance of life. 

"Do you think I'm Saxon" starts off fast paced, then goes slow, and then slower. 

And if you're a expecting a romping epic finale, which Hans Zimmer is known to deliver, with "All of them!" Forget it. I'm not sure what this track is supposed to be: It starts sort of melancholy, and kinda picks up a little. And toward the end it gets kinda epic. Sort of. It certainly doesn't end with a bang.

Conclusion: Your mileage may vary with this soundtrack. 

I can really only recommend "Tell me now" and the first part of "Woad to Ruin." The rest just isn't Hans Zimmer's best in my opinion.

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