Saturday, July 6, 2013

Soundtrack Saturday: Pan's Labyrinth

Fairy tales are the stuff of dark fantasy and horror, no matter how much Disney sugar coats the original stories with their films. They were meant to scare children by instilling them valuable life lessons: beware strangers at the door bearing gifts, your parents might abandon you if you are not good, beware the vanity, pride, and vindictiveness of the high and mighty (but, if you are careful, you can use these to your advantage).

The "modern fairy tale" of Pan's Labyrinth is no exception. I know people don't like it because of the subtitles. Too bad. You're missing out on a great and haunting story featuring a girl, Ofelia, getting wrapped up in her own fairy tale featuring terrifying monsters (both human and fantastic) where reality and fantasy blur.

The soundtrack itself is melancholy and haunting, suitable for dark fantasy and horror in your games.

The main theme of Pan's Labyrinth is "A Long, Long Time Ago..."

The Moribund Tree and the Toad...

Not Human...

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