Saturday, July 20, 2013

Soundtrack Saturday: Transformers The Movie (1986) Soundtrack

I'm still on my Transformers: The Movie kick.

I've never used these songs in any of my games. Yet one of the reasons why the movie is so awesome is because they combined fantastic animation featuring Transformers with 80s rock'n roll. The movie itself is pretty dark--an entire civilized planet gets destroyed in the first five minutes, lots of death an destruction--but somehow the music by Vince DiCola works.

It makes the movie epic. 

I don't know how these songs would work for a D&D/Fantasy game. Definitely sci-fi. But probably not Dark Heresy--related RPGs (Although a bunch of Space Marines fending of a Necron assault to "The Touch" would be pretty damn amusing).


"Unicron Medley"

The Theme Song

"The Touch"

"Instruments of Destruction"

"The Hunger"


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  1. If you like any of the songs by spectre general, in Canada there name is Kick Axe. Their album vices is off the hook.


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