Friday, July 19, 2013

Transformers: The Movie is still awesome after all of these years!

I watched this movie again last night, and I actually prefer it over the live-action Transformer movie trilogy made in the last decade. Why is this movie so damn awesome?


--It begins with a Transformer the size of a planet, Unicron, destroying and eating another planet, and then opening credits roll with 1980s heavy metal theme music playing.
--You learn that some heavy-hitters are doing the voices: Orson Welles, and Leonard Nimoy!
--It is the year 2005!
--Decepticons hijack an Autobot space shuttle and kill all of the Autobots on board! Yeah, characters actually DIE in a cartoon intended for children! (Well, it did get a PG rating.)

All of this happens in the FIRST NINE MINUTES OF THE MOVIE!

For the rest of the movie, you get several epic battles, awesome animation, watch a couple moons get destroyed and Unicorn maul Cybertron, and you learn a little more about the history of the Transformers. And, you get to meet a new enemy of the Autobots--the mysterious Quintessons.

Even Starscream gets his moment of glory when he kicks Megatron out the door of Astrotrain into space, along with a number of other wounded Decepticons.

Oh yeah, and Optimus Prime dies.

I remember, as kid, first hearing about the final battle between Prime and Megatron and thinking: "No way? They're really going to kill Optimus Prime and Megatron?" Yeah, the marketing worked, I begged my mom to go see the movie.

I don't think my mom liked it--the movie was pretty violent. And there was a bit of swearing by a grown-up Spike: "Oh shit! What are we gonna do now?"

I know a lot of people didn't like the movie. It didn't do well in theaters. Parents didn't like because it was too violent. And there was that kid who locked himself in his room when he learned the Prime died.

For me, it's great movie because it shows the outcome of violence and what happens when people (even Transformers) fight over resources. It's a lesson kids should know about.

In any case, I still think Transformers: The Movie is awesome after all of these years!

What do you think?

And now for a moment of Transformers Zen:

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  1. One of the most influential films of my childhood, no joke. I think it is actually pretty underrated as far as sci-fi movies go. I mean, the first scene shows a giant robot planet eating another planet full of robots! There are sharkticons and junkions and quintessons and fucking HAIR METAL. Seriously, though, the film is all big ideas and crazy action. Rarely has a sci-fi flick really explored the possibilities of its premise the way this one does. A must-see for all gamers.


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