Wednesday, July 24, 2013

VPA-8: Get Enough Sleep and Eat Well

I haven't done of Victoria Praeparatio Amat (Victory Loves Preparation) in awhile--I just sort of ran out of ideas, until now.

Getting enough sleep and eating well should be an obvious piece of advice--but the overweight gamer who stays up all hours playing games has truth to it, unfortunately.

In my case, my sleep schedule has been wonky recently. And that's affected the games I've been playing in. Last weekend I started nodding off during a zombie apocalypse game, which was pretty much like The Walking Dead. The problem is that the night before I'd been up pretty late--some inspiration for writing struck. I lay in bed, my head swimming with ideas, wide awake so I had to do something about it.

I also didn't help that I didn't eat well prior to the game. I didn't have breakfast because I slept in late. So I waited until lunch to eat and ate a foot-long Subway Club with cookies and a drink. I felt full for most of the afternoon. Thought I was fine. But by early evening, as the game started, I started feeling hungry. Not wanting to delay the game, I bought some snacks at the FLGS where we played. You know, the typical carbs and caffeine combo to go. I was okay for about three hours, but then it all started catching up to me. I knew I had to get home before the tiredness really set in. I made it. And was all right. I woke up more once I had to start paying attention to the road, becoming clear-headed.

This morning I woke up at my usual time, but was awake until 2am. Writing. Working. I've got a great idea for a series of novellas, and was hammering out the series "Bible." When the inspiration comes, it burst like a dam. Got to ride the wave.

However, I didn't sleep in late and I'm eating breakfast as I type this. I'm planning on taking nap sometime this afternoon. Most importantly, I don't have a game tonight.

So just eat well and get enough sleep. You're enjoy yourself more at the gaming table.

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