Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 29: What do I always seem to roll on a d20?

I have no fraking clue. But I do have an interesting story about a cursed d20, told to me by an acquaintance of mine long ago.

He was playing D&D, and his character was in the middle of combat. To his dismay, he rolled three "1s" in a row on the same d20. The other players asked him if he has a weighted die. He assured them it wasn't the case. He rolled it again. Another "1."

Then he got pissed. He through the d20 across the room. It bounced off the wall and the floor, before it rolled back toward him, stopping at his foot.

His jaw dropped, as did everybody else's who saw the result: another "1," the fifth in a row.

He threw the die away. Somebody else said he should burn it.

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