Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 5: Favorite Dice

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Favorite Dice? 

I am superstitious when it comes to dice. But I don't have a particular favorite, save for the all the d6 my girfriend bought me for wargaming last spring. (They do roll much better than my old ones).

But I've never had a "favorite" set of polyhedrons for D&D.

A few years ago I did separate all of my "unlucky" dice from the rest. My players groaned at this. But I was getting sick of my NPCs and monsters getting thrashed without putting up much of a fight. I recall that one old orange d20 seemed to roll nothing higher than a 13. It had to go.

About the same time I was playing an Arbiter named Jericho in Dark Heresy. I used this little group of misfit d10s for percentage dice. In Dark Heresy, you want to roll low, but throughout one summer I always rolled high. My character could hardly do a damn thing, even after I took actions so that bonuses could stack (like aiming for a round in combat or shooting in close range, etc...).

Things got so bad that I started to think about ways to take actions that didn't require die rolls, actions not specifically covered by the rules.

It was frustrating, but overall it made me a better gamer, forcing myself to think outside the box and not be constrainted by all the statistics on a character sheet.

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  1. I had the very same experience as a player! Couldn't roll a hit to save my life. Literally. I ended up playing a bard (nobody expects anything from a bard...) and tried to go as long as possible without touching the dice.

    And I agree, it really helps to become a better gamer.

    On the other side, as a DM I'm a killer with the dice...


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