Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 6: Favorite Deity



YHWH makes all the deities in D&D look like pansies. Seriously. Even the most evil of gods in D&D can't compare to ruthless smiting that YHWH does in the Old Testament, wiping out entire cities, promoting genocide, casting man out of paradise, sending a flood to destroy the world, making even the most wealthy and powerful of kings go crazy against their will. You just never know what YHWH is going to do next. He is a jealous God.

Most deities in D&D (except for one based on actually real-world mythology) are really blah when you think about it. Oooo... grrr.... Orcus is at it again, being the Prince of Undead and hiding out in Rappan Athuk. Oh boy, Paladine is walking around like a befuddled old man to fight the Queen of Darkness--whoop-dee-do--it took the entire Pantheon of Krynn to bring the Cataclysm and the tipping point was  knight named Lord Soth giving into his lusts--so everybody on Krynn had to suffer. YHWH flooded the entire world because the whole world except for a few were corrupt. And then the gods abandoned the world because of some Chaos diety before the beginning of time. Pansies.

Huh? Don't you have to pick a deity from D&D for the challenge? 

YHWH has been in my D&D Domikka Campaign setting for over twenty years. He's the God of the Imperik Race. He's known as Virtoaa. 

In AD&D 2e, a priest of YHWH's spheres are: Sun, Creation, and Protection.

In 3.5e, a priest of YHWH's domains are: Sun, Law, Destruction, and Protection.

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