Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm tempted to come up with my own D&D 30 Day Challenge.

These middle entries ("Favorite X") really aren't that thought provoking. The best topics are toward the beginning and the end of the list.

Where I to make a list, it'd have stuff like:

Greyhawk: how a campaign should be published or just an old antique?

Elminster: should he live or die?

Do you allow Monty Python quotes at the tabletop? Why or why not?

Why to you love/hate/feel indifferent to 4e?

Is your character drunk yet?

Is D&D Next D&D last?

Do you spend more time talking/posting about gaming than actualy playing?

How do you kill a flumph?

What were the last words of your last character who died?

Do you think you're addicted to D&D?


  1. Yeah some of the middle questions show a strong 3.x or even 4e bias.

    If you do a new challenge I'd be interested.

  2. Yeah, I ended up bailing on it and compressing it into a single post because I just couldn't make hay out of what we were given.

  3. I'd like to see those questions. Don't know if I have another challenge like this in me this year, but after a while I'd join in such a thing again.

    And I've found another blog that's doing this one:


    1. Thanks.

      I don't know if I'd have it in me to another blog challenge this year, either. I've got other stuff to do.

      The current challenge, I think, was meant to be pretty simple to complete. Most of those questions only require, at the bare mininum, a one or two word response. I'm usually looking for more.


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