Monday, September 2, 2013

Open Call: Who's all participating in the D&D 30 day challenge?

[EDIT: I've compiled the "official" list here ]

Has somebody set up a "command post" kind of like what Tenkar's Tavern did for Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day, where all the participants could look through the blogs.

This is the list I have so far--its very finite, given my confines to this little corner of the Internet.

Chronicles of Ganth
Codex Apocrypha
Murky Murky: Roleplaying Advice and Fiction
Random Wizard
Realms of Chirak
Tenkar's Tavern
The Disoriented Ranger
The Other Side
Wishful Gaming

Seven? Now that can't be right... I'm following far more RPG blogs than that, but a number of the usual suspects seem to have gone dark. [EDIT: Added Codex Apocrypha]

Post a comment below if you want your blog added to this list.

I hadn't intended on turning this into a blog hop, I just want to read what others have to say.

Maybe its something do with the I had a dream a few nights ago. I was at a swap meet/yard sale in a city park on a bright sunny day. Somebody was trying to sell me stones and sea shells at a picnic table. The stones and shells will placed on newspaper. I think I told the person I wasn't interested in crafts.

I passed these up and saw several white bankers boxes sitting in the grass, open. They had old books in them.

Upon closer look, they had old RPG books in them. Most of them were by third party companies I didn't quite recognize (I think TORG was in there).  But then I found a binder full of adventure notes and maps, written in my handwriting--stuff I had either lost or thrown out from my early days of gaming. I saw as plain as day the character sheet for Havoc the dwarven fighter, my first player-character, along with a version Stephano Alandorf, a Bard a I played in 8th grade and early High School. You'll hear about him on Day 8.

There were other binders in those boxes, which I'm sure were full of old D&D notes, character sheets, and adventures.

I was just about ready to ask the man at the picnic table the price for all of the boxes and binders, but then I woke up.

And then I read about this challenge.

Was one of your old binders in that box?


  1. Tomb of Tedankhamen is in, doing 2 days at a pop.

  2. I saw at least 5 more in the far corners of the blogosphere:

    Oh, and "patient zero", of course:

    Hope this helps. I'm pretty sure there are some more out there. Good idea to collect them!

  3. Cool. I'll have to come back here to check in on all the posts.

  4. One more:

  5. No Ranger jokes, please, but I forgot/found another one:

  6. Thanks for posting the links. I'll have the list updated sometime this evening!

    Keep'em coming!

  7. I'm in:

    I do change the questions a bit because I am doing 30 days of the OSR. For example, the race and class questions I did as one post instead of two. After all, the way some folks play D&D, those two questions are redundant. :)

  8. Had no idea, but I'll jump in! Probably be starting tomorrow, though, since I just did a post today.

  9. I'm doing it at

    I just tweated yesterday that someone should collect them!


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