Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Break from Gaming--what do you do when the gaming doldrums strike?

I just did a scary thing: I folded my Expeditions in the Northlands Campaign.

No, its not some Halloween trick. 

All of the players got an email tonight. No more Friday night roleplaying down at the FLGS. I feel oddly relieved. In the past, I'd get a bit upset whenever a campaign I was running folded or just petered out. I couldn't help but think that all of that prep work and time may have been for nothing. 

But tonight: just relief. 

My heart just wasn't in it anymore, even the initial excitement of converting to Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG wore off really fast. The first clue of this feeling came when I realized I wasn't preparing for the game in between sessions. I just didn't feel like it, even though I've had the time.

I feel like perhaps if I was part of a group as a player, it might help kick the gamer doldrums I've been feeling as of late. Or maybe I just need a break, and focus on other things. 

It wouldn't be the first time. To finish my master's degree I had to dump gaming all together for about six months around two years ago. There's been a couple times before that, when life got too busy or there was a summer or two in between college semesters when nobody was around.  

I've also been reading a lot lately. I've been getting more pleasure from reading a good book than at the gaming table (well, I'm supposed to, I'm a writer). That could be contributing to my feelings. 

Still, it's kind of weird. For the last 25 years, since I started playing, I've usually been all gung-ho about running something. Now I'm not. 

I do have a lose plan for catching up on painting miniatures. But for now...

...its time for a break. 

So what do you do when the "gaming doldrums" strike?

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  1. I recently read a less than authoritative zine that suggested that periodically, we need to take time to build an inspiration store and step away from creating. It sounded like good advice to me. So, when the doldrums hit, turn to books, movies, art, etc. When you do come back to gaming, you'll have all the more ideas to draw from.


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