Friday, November 1, 2013

1000 page views in a day? What?

So, something weird has happened. Yesterday d20 Dark Ages got over 800 pageviews. Today d20 Dark Ages is topping 1000.

Has anybody else witnessed a spike in their blog activity? Because I was lucky to get 300 views a day, and that's back when I was posting on G+.

Or are the spambots going into overtime?

EDIT: I've checked under "Pageviews by Browsers." It looks like the vast majority of these excess hits are coming from Firefox Web browsers. I have no clue why? Some kind of glitch or hack?


  1. I may have hit refresh a couple times. But not 800 times.

  2. Yeah, I had a huge spike last week. suddenly started getting like five times as many hits. Lasted a couple of days.

  3. It hit my blog a couple of weeks ago. Lasted a week and a half or so.

  4. I had a spike as well. I noticed a lot of my old Xena and Elizabeth Bathory posts were getting hit hard too.

  5. i had a week getting 1200 a day - also just got spike too 100 last few days - is a correlation with - being mentioned by ppl more ppular than me even in a comment, when i post of several g+ groups or when i write something extra good - when i stopped posting dropped off again

  6. I've noticed a lot of views from the Ukraine and China on the past week. Looking into it is how I found this blog. It's still just a fraction of total activity but noticeable, I figure its spam-bots of some sort, content hijackers, or just someone over there with a link in their blog(s).


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