Monday, November 25, 2013

5e and Forgotten Realms

I've been somewhat keeping up on the latest news with 5e. It seems like the Forgotten Realms is going to be the default setting, given how much the Sundering has played major part in the "pre-5e adventures" like Murder in Baldur's Gate (is it true it's not a complete module, that you have to download NPC and monsters stats on WotC's website--oh say it ain't so).

While I don't wish to be a naysayer, I'm going to one anyway, because I feel that WotC marketing plan was to get the OSR to quiet down by offering many of the old modules and rulebooks again while they proceeded with play testing 5e and pitching the Realms. "Here, we've given you want you want, now go play in the corner."

The Edition Wars seem to have quieted down: for better for worse.

I'm not even sure how much reception 5e and Forgotten Realms are getting out there. The novels are probably selling fairly well.

I admit, my concern is purely selfish. Down the road I'm just hoping the OSR spreads so I can play in an old school game, instead of having the choices of 5e and Forgotten Realms, or Pathfinder.

What do you think?

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