Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What's your ideal RPG campaign you'd love to play in?

Say if the stars aligned just right and you got to join the perfect campaign, what would that campaign be like?

For me, this campaign would...
1. Have 4-6 players, friends and acquaintences.
2. Be tabletop, not onlline.
3. Have fairly straightforward objectives, with very little sitting around debating what to do next and wasting valuable game time. (While I like investigative adventures from time to time, they seem to bog down in debate--or the players just can't figure out a key clue).
4. Be low magic fantasy with little or no "generic" magic items.
5. Have a dash of horror, like Ravenloft or a bit of Call of Cthulu.
6. Have a dash of swords & sorcery, high adventure.
7. Give the PCs a chance to be heroic and fight small hordes of minions from time to time.
8. Feature villains who aren't stupid cookie-cutters--they've somehow read the "If I was an Evil Overlord" list. And they can gain more power if you don't foil their plans.
9. Have no children at the tabletop, or players who act like children, or have somebody place some stupid Jar-Jar Binks-like outlier character or NPC attempting to provide comedy relief. (I know to all of the parents out there the first part might be offensive since we're all getting older, but I'd help pay for a babysitter).
10. Rules-lite/OSR. (Pre-3e, AD&D 1e or 2e with Ascending AC, or a "clone" like S&W, but I'd really like to play DCC RPG).

So that's my top ten criteria. What's yours?

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