Sunday, December 8, 2013

Countdown to the 300th post of d20 Dark Ages

Somehow this crept up on me. Heck, somehow I missed out on the anniversary of d20 Dark Ages back in September.

It's been an interesting year and 3 months, starting with moving half-way across the country to the Atlanta, Ga, area. This blog began on the back porch of an acquaintance's house I stayed at while looking for a place to live. It'd be about two weeks before I'd find a home.

I started d20 Dark Ages as way to have something to write every day. I made the decision to become a full time writer, working on this blog and various other projects. But as my savings started to dwindle a funk settled over me last summer, perhaps contributing to my deadliest campaign ever (the final PC death toll before I pulled the plug was around 40).

I sold my Warhammer stuff (because I realized how much I hated Warhammer)  and quite a few RPG books I could do without to sustain my efforts. This fall I started two part time jobs--with the hopes that one will go full time at the beginning of next year.

Lots of ups and downs.

Google+ had to go because it kept making my browser crash, but by doing so it messed up d20 Dark Ages folder on Picassa web albums. So that's why you get a minus symbol instead of a picture on many of my older posts. I don't really feel like going back and fixing all of them.

I plan on doing something special for the 300th post. Not sure what. A contest? A story excerpt? A free copy of Murder on the Hot Flats? A free miniature to one lucky person like I did for my 200th post?

I'll figure something out.

Thank you for reading d20 Dark Ages.

3 more posts to go until the big 300.


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