Saturday, December 7, 2013

D&D Cartoon Encyclopedia

Check out for lots of information on the old D&D cartoon from the early 1980s. Lots of information. Lots of still shots of scenery, monsters, characters that can be used to inspire some of your own games.

On the right is the alphabetical listing of people, places, and things that appeared in the cartoon series. The left-hand column features links to scripts, storyline transcripts, story boards, broadcast dates, etc. This includes information about many of the product lines that got spun off from the series: the sticker books, cartoon show booksCastle Venger for view-Master 3D, stories from the D&D Annuals, and even jigsaw puzzles. (I had no idea how much TSR continue to try and capitalize on the series after it went off the air).

I know some of this information comes from the DVD collection's bonus material, but some of it I haven't seen before, like this premise for an episode that didn't get aired, featuring Skylla the witch and her gargoyle henchman. Another is called The City of the Githyanki. I'm not sure where these come from.

Sure, the D&D Cartoon series was mixture of pop culture references and the game itself, but I still enjoy it.

I still sleep with my feet away from the edges of my bed because of the City at the Edge of Midnight, where the opening scene features a boy getting pulled into an alternate dimension from a monster under his bed!

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