Monday, December 30, 2013

Mini-Monday: A Paladin, from Reaper Miniatures

While I won't finish my goal of 52 painted miniatures this year, I've still ended the year with a bang. I'm quite proud of how the final figure for 2013 turned out. He's "Drexel Sparrowhawk, Paladin" from Reaper Miniatures.

I originally envisioned him to be a quick paint job--just slap a single coat then dip him in the Army Painter varnish. I'm glad that didn't happen. I'm glad I left my metallic paints at home the day I decided to paint him while killing time between games at Treefort. I'm also glad some of my old GW paints had finally dried up so I had to purchase new paints--these from The Army Painter.

Here's the list of paints I used, arranged in the order of coats--I used a Chaos Black (yes, not all of the old GW paints are gone yet) wash between the first and second coats.

Gun Metal--The Army Painter
Plate Mail--The Army Painter
I think I used

Leather Bits
Fur Brown--The Army Painter

Barbarian Flesh--The Army Painter
And then I mixed Barbarian Flesh with Reaper's Fair Skin for highlighting.

I had a difficult time with his hair. After a mistake or two--I remember using Blond Hair by reaper, followed by a dark wash, then a dry brushing of Blond Hair, followed by a dry bushing of Blond Highlight, by Reaper.

Matte White--by The Army Painter
Copper--by Reaper Miniatures--this also when on the armor trim elsewhere on the miniature.
Dragon Gold--by Reaper Miniatures--to highlight the copper on shield to make it stand out.

I finished up by black inking parts of the miniature, followed up with a Krylon Matte sealant.

I can't praise the Army Painter Warpaints enough. Most of the time they spread on evenly with one coat--even the white.

So, that's 12 completed miniatures for 2013. One per month. That's a far cry from the 69 completed in 2012.

Still, I've got a number of projects in the works for 2014 and 2013 ended on a high note with this paladin.


  1. Nice! What did you use for the base/primer coat?

    1. The last of my Chaos Black primer from Games Workshop. I've still got a bunch of miniatures primed with the stuff.

      But after this I'm going to experiment with Krylon and see how that goes. I might just switch to the Army Painter Black since I've been impressed with their other primers so far.


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