Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The d20 Dark Ages "In/Outs" of 2013

Below is summary of my trends in gaming over the past year, based on my playing habits and spending. Overall, money spent on games went far down than in previous years. I sold a good chunk of my miniature collection and RPG books.

But, I got to try out some new games and enjoy some old favorites.

Still, I think 2013 was a good year. May 2014 be even better!

Tabletop RPGS
Out: D&D Next/5e. Whatever you want to call it, I'm not impressed.
Still Out: 4e, along with D&D Encounters.
3.5e: Out. 
Pathfinder: Out--I'm not anticipating joining a Pathfinder Group anytime soon.

In: AD&D 2e--I still read that stuff.
In: AD&D--the classics are still classic.
In: The BECMI/Rules Cyclopedia. All are compatible with various retroclones out there.
Out: The desire for more retroclones.

Dark Heresy: Out.
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e: Out upon receipt of payment (I sold most of my collection).
Star Wars d6: In (Though the campaign I was in just sort of faded away).

OSR Blogs
In: d20 Dark Ages.
In: All of the OSR Blogs I follow to the left.
In: RPG Blogging Challenges--I've got one in mind for February.
Out: Grognardia.

Social Networking
Blogger: In (of course)
Messageboards: Out.
Facebook: In--but for my own private use.
Google+: Out... for now. Too much static.
Reddit: Looked but never tasted.
LinkedIn: Out.
Wordpress: Maybe IN for next year with my writing blog.
Yahoo Groups: Out. I think I'm still a part of one with an old email address. I think...
MySpace: Huh?

Crowd Funding
Kickstarters: Out... I've thought about getting in, but I'm sick of hearing about people getting ripped off.
HeroQuest 25th Anniversary Edition: In, then Out, then :(
Monte Cook's latest endeavor: Don't care. Out.

Gaming Companies
Out: Wizards of the Coast.
Out: Paizo.

Never in and will always be out: Dark Phoenix Publishing (thanks to Wil Hutton over at Aggregate Cognizance)

In: Rafael Chandler for Teratic Tome.
In: GM Games
TSR (New): In for Gygax Magazine.
TSR (Old): In--I still like their stuff.

Gaming Periodicals
In: Old Print Issues of Dragon.
In: Old Print Issues of Dungeon.
In: The Manor, by Tim Shorts.
(Sorry if I've overlooked some--there's lots of good stuff out there).

Campaign Settings
Forgotten Realms and the Sundering: Out. (Okay, they were never really in to begin with).
Greyhawk: Still In.
Planescape: Out upon receipt of payment (Yes, I sold my collection).
Ravenloft: In... I guess. 
Domikka, my homebrew Campaign Setting: In. Though I won't be running campaigns in it anytime soon.
In: Almost any GM's homebrew setting.

Miniature Companies
Reaper Miniatures: Still In.
Games Workshop: OUT OUT OUT.

Painting Miniatures
In: Reaper Metallic Miniatures.
In: Reaper Bones.
Out: Pre-painted miniatures.
Painting Miniatures: In, then out, then back In again at the last minute.
52 Weeks, 52 Miniatures: Back in again... for next year.
In: Priming and painting plastic miniatures on their sprues before assembling them.
In: Trying out The Army Painter primers.

Miniature Paints
Games Workshop/Citadel: Out--they're crap and put in lousy containers.
Still In: Reaper Paints.
In: The Army Painter Warpaints--so definitely in, especially their reds and Matte White.

Tabletop Wargames
Still In: Ancient and Medieval Wargaming, by Neil Thomas.
Still In: Napoleonics.
Still In: Warfare in the Age of Reason.
In: Some Civil War game I played over the summer that I can't remember the name of.
In: Impetus.
In: Warmaster
Out: Warhammer. 
(Yeah, that might sound odd, but I do like Warmaster far better than Warhammer, since they're both by Games Workshop. Warmaster isn't as fiddely and confusing. Also, the people I game with houseruled it for 15mm rather than 10mm. Also, GW doesn't support Warmaster anymore so I am content). 

Board games
Out: Wrath of Ashardalon
In... maybe: Dungeon Command
In: Ticket to Ride
In: Small World- Underground
Still in: Risk 2210:
Still in: Axis & Allies
HeroQuest (the original): Back In.
HeroQuest (25th Anniversary Edition): I wanted it to be In, but alas...

Gaming Stores
Mayhem Comics and Games: Out. (and not just because I don't live in the vicinity anymore)
Games PlusIn, if I ever make it up to Mt. Prospect, IL, again.

In: Reading books besides sci-fi/fantasy.
Still Out: Novels based on D&D campaign settings. 
Edition Wars: Out.
Big Bang Theory: Still In.
In: Downsizing gaming collection to a more manageable level.
Out: Using the money to buy more gaming stuff.

Still In: Personal hygiene.
Still Out: Gamers without personal hygiene.
In: Losing 20 lbs since the end of last summer! 
Still Out: Eating at McDonalds.

In: That redhead on the cover of Timothy Brannon's Eldritch Witchery.
Out: The "Page 4 Girl" in Rafael Chandler's Teratic Tome. (Along with the one on page 6, etc).
Out: Me, if my girlfriend finds out I've been looking at the redhead on the cover of Eldritch Witchery. 
In: Having a girlfriend who encourages me to participate in my hobby. ;)
In: Gamer guys who treat gamer girls with respect. 

In: The continued fragmentation of the hobby
Out: The hobby being dominated by less than a handful of companies (at least at my tabletop).
In: Trying and playing more games.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Glad I'm not the only one who's gonna get in trouble over that redhead.


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