Friday, January 17, 2014

Games Workshop Stock Tumbles

If you haven't heard, Games Workshop's stock value tumbled almost 25% on Thursday. Apparently, investors are annoyed with GW's business practices along with the fans. This happened the day after GW made official the annoucement of making White Dwarf a weekly magazine, when they released their yearly financials. (Now it looks like they're bouncing back somewhat today).

Masterminis has been been doing a series of covering GW's business practices: how GW shut down deep discount online retailers, how they continue to annoy fans and brick-and-mortar businesses. Yeah, throughout the series there's snark abound, but GW does get a fair shake from time-to-time. The series is informative; there's stuff I didn't know about before--some of it I wish I hadn't, like the shennanigans of GW's legal team threatening shutting down blogs and community websites in the last year or so.

GW just seems hellbent on destroying it own community base of fans in the pursuit of short-term profit--its a psychotic way of doing business, a disconnect from reality. 

Part of me likes reading about this train wreck, but part of me is disgusted by it--I don't want GW to have space inside my head more than necessary.

I just want to use up the remaining GW paints I have and paint the GW miniatures I own and move on to more pleasant pastures. 


  1. I am no expert but I get the impression that GW does not have any serious competition in the miniature figures/fantasy wargaming business. TSR/WotC may have been the biggest RPG company in the business, but it was not the only one (Chaosium, Steve Jackson Games and FASA spring to mind though I'm sure folks can list many more). As such if TSR/WotC pissed off fans, there was a certain amount of free market pressure if players could deal with a different rules system. Once the OGL and SRD were released, the playing field was even flatter, as WotC also had to compete with retro-clones - no rules changes required. They can no longer take fans for granted.

  2. Hey! I am Blogging from A To Z, but I saw this, and got distracted... I play Warhammer, too, and... yeah. GW is I-want-to-throw-things-level enraging. Hardcover, $50 army books? Grr... and I know lots of people who buy figures from small companies, or from Reaper, just so they can afford to play Warhammer at all. I wish they'd stop stabbing themselves in the back; I like playing their game.
    Melanie Atherton Allen


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