Tuesday, January 21, 2014

HeroQuest: The Lost Wizard

Last Friday evening, I ran another installment of HeroQuest at Treefort Games. We only had one player, but one player is enough to run the Barbarian, the Dwarf, the Elf, and the Wizard. We were actually trying to drum up interest in a Swords & Wizardry campaign--some of the players who've been showing up for HeroQuest expressed interest in playing D&D. But it was a slow night, a couple people hovered, but no takers.

Yet we had fun anyway.

In this quest the heroes had to find the Emperor's personal wizard, Wardoz, who has gone missing. "The Emperor fears that he has been murdered or succumbed to the lures of Chaos magic." A good a hook as any thus far.

We used my own miniatures for the dwarf, elf, and wizard. If we keep playing regularly, I'm tempted to re-painted the barbarian and then paint the rest of the heroes from the game itself.

The heroes explored the dungeon, encountering some skeletons before finally discovering a room with pit traps and a chest. The dwarf moved forward to disarm the traps--he failed one and fell into a pit trap, but he disarmed the poison needle on the chest. Inside was some gold and a potion of purple liquid he didn't drink.

They backtracked and discovered a sequence of passages guarded by stone Chaos Warriors. It took some effort overcoming these before entering the final chambers of the dungeon. There they fought a Gargoyle. The barbarian almost died. Everybody had been wounded by this point. But they ganged up on the gargoyle and won.

Then they down potions of healing before moving on.

In an adjacent room, they discovered that Wardoz, had indeed, succumbed to Chaos Magic. He had become a Chaos Warlock.

In the original scenario he was just zombie. But I made him a Chaos Warlock with the stats of a chaos warrior and could cast summon undead, tempest, and fear, to make him more of a challenge. But the characters killed him on the first round. The Wizard blasted him with a Ball of Flame.

Then the Barbarian led the way into the last room of the dungeon, fighting a mummy and two skeletons.

The group found some serious treasure: gold coins, The Wizard's Cloak on Wardoz, and Borin's Armor on a weapon's rack. So now the Wizard can roll an extra defence die, and the Barbarian has plate armor that doesn't slow him down.

With these, and other loot, they left the dungeon to collect their reward.

I'm hoping we'll get to play Swords & Wizardry this Friday. While HeroQuest is fun (and simple) to run, I really want to take a turn as a player instead of the referee. I've got a dwarf fighter/thief all rolled up and ready to go.

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