Monday, January 27, 2014

Mini Monday: Martian Empires

I'll have an update on the D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge up this evening. Thanks to everybody who's signed up and spreading the word. But in the meantime... 

Yesterday I played Martian Empires, a Victorian/Steampunk wargame loosely based on the John Carter of Mars novels, for the first time.  I'd seen it before, but never had the chance to play now. It turns out to be fun--if you make your command rolls to get your troops moving. It plays a little bit like Warmaster in that regard.

Most resolutions use 2d6. You want to roll low. If your troops have a shooting factor of 6, you want to want to roll 6 or less (modifiers can raise or lower your score). The difference between the two score indicated the hits to do to your opponent. So say if I roll a 4, that's two hits.

A similar mechanic applies to your commander's command rating to activate your troops. My was a 9, but I kept rolling 10s and 11s...

...which is why my elite android troopers got stuck behind my light tank.

Despite this, I managed to hold our left flank, pushing back some red-skinned aliens with spears and shields, even routing a unit. But our right flank fell to some British Tanks, so our side lost.

Amid the carnage, however, I spotted something familar. Even though it was a 15mm figure, it reminded me of something else...

A Thalos Hammerer, from the old D&D Chainmail miniature line from the early 2000s produced by WotC. It just makes me wonder where the folks at Black Hat design get there ideas from. I painted this one up several years ago. I might do some additional touches now that my skills have gotten better since then.

As for Martian Empires, we all had a good time. For me, it was icing on the cake from getting to play Grimmsgate last Saturday.

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