Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sign Up Begins After Midnight! The D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge

1. Sign up begins just after midnight, tonight, at 12:01 am. Use the Linky Tools gadget on the right.

2. Blogs will be subject to approval before they will be listed.

3. I'm creating a dedicated page here on d20 Dark Ages to the blog hop.

4 The blog hop itself starts on February 1. Since this is my first time using Linky Tools (and hosting an "official" blog hop), I'm giving myself plenty of time to work out any problems that might arise.

5. I've yet to design a badge. (Perhaps a contest is in order...)

Are you already thinking about your answers to the questions?

Some of that stuff is hard to remember after all of these years. Still, the questions are meant to be for D&D players of all ages, all editions, whether they've been playing for 4 weeks or 40 years. This challenge is meant to "unite the clans," so to speak.

So if you don't remember one of your "firsts," regale us with what you do remember. Tell us a great story.


  1. What the hell, I'm in!!! I added my blog, Once More Unto the Breach, to your Linky on the side...


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