Friday, January 17, 2014

Sign up begins today!

Already few bloggers have signed up for the challenge. I'll be approving them as much possible.

It looks like if the blog in the gadget on the right get too long (which they probably will), I'll have to make some adjustments.

But overall Linkytools is working great. Back in September, for  D&D 30 Day Challenge I had to physically add each registrant to the central list as people signed up--this time I don't. (Thanks again to +Timothy Brannan for the suggestion!)

You can enter your blog either on the gadget to the right OR on the main page of the challenge. 

Thanks to everybody who's already signed up and helping promote this challenge!


  1. Question: after we submit our blog and it's accepted, we need to put the Linky code on our blogs, right? Anything else we need to do?

    1. That's pretty much it. The Linky code should work, enabling one big blog hop.


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