Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge (Update)

There's 21 entrants now (not counting this blog). Thanks to everybody for signing up and getting the word out.

(Edit: if you want to get the code for the blog hop and paste into your blog, you can get it here.)

I especially like The Disoriented Ranger' comments--thank you.

Stelios V. Perdios over at D20 Dark Ages is hosting and taking it serious. No crap Questions like with the one last year (which was not hosted by him, but still fun!) and nicely organized.

We've all dedicated a huge chunk of our lives to the hobby. We play D&D. We talk and blog about D&D. Some of us use miniatures. Others don't. We scratch our heads when WotC makes changes to the game. Some of us are still annoyed that Dragonlance "ruined everything," others still remember their concern when Dragon Magazine stopped coming in the mail (the first time around in 1996), now some of us lamenting the passing of 4e (others cheering). And yet others are probably happily oblivious to the upcoming changes in the industry.

Whether you're "old school" or "new school," you have something to say. For me, this about breaking some preconceptions I've had about the hobby.

Just last week, a friend of my gave me a banker's box full of notes of a DM who passed away a year or two ago. Inside was a snapshot of a gamer's life. He ran AD&D 2e--much differently, it seems--than I did. I might share some of these notes in an upcoming post. But its an example of how diversified this hobby was back this, and is now, and how much time we invest in this hobby. 

So I don't want to waste any one's time.

The only thing that's missing is a proper badge... I'm at a loss. Does anybody have any ideas?

Should the questions themselves be the badge?


  1. Badge...let me think about that.
    So looking forward to this!

  2. You are very welcome! And 29 already. Very nice :)

    A badge would be good. What did you have in mind (or is it already done?)?

  3. Not doing the day by day hop, but I have answered all the questions here:

    Good luck to all who participate!


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