Wednesday, January 15, 2014

White Dwarf Magazine to go Weekly and Crossing the Threshold

Games Workshop has just confirmed they that are changing White Dwarf to a weekly magazine, and publishing a monthly periodical called "Warhammer Visions."

I first heard of this last Saturday, while at my local gaming store. People groaned and moaned. We had a nice little support group going: how Citadel Finecast sucks, how GW charges up the nose for paints and supplies, how stupid the rules are. (But a lot of the miniatures are still cool.) "What the heck is GW thinking?" "When will wargamers stop putting up with this crap?" "Why is Games Workshop screwing around with its fans?" White Dwarf used to be, many years ago, a hobby magazine. Those unfamiliar with this should check out Timothy Brannon's White Dwarf Wednesdays.

We all find it interesting how tight-lipped GW is about its new releases, while other companies will mention them months in advance. GW doesn't have message boards, WotC does. GW exploits the ignorance of its fan base, attempting to keep them in the dark about other companies out there.

Then I shared with them with my story of how, almost a year to the day, I made the decision to get rid of my Warhammer collection, thus freeing myself from such an abusive gaming company.

This went on for sometime. At one point, I turned to the store employee behind the counter and apologized. "I'm sorry if our griping and complaining is costing you any sales."

Then, right on cue, a guy came up and bought the latest 40K Tyrannid Army Book. He kept his head held low and had a grim smile. We all had a good laugh at that. 

Somebody offered a theory: That the fine folks at Games Workshop know that Warhammer players do have threshold of tolerance before they walk away. GW's goal is to get people to the point of that threshold as possible, yet still be addicted to the game. 

That way, while players might bitch and moan about GW's business practices, they'll still keep on spending money.

I started crossing that threshold exactly a year ago, and haven't looked back... much.


  1. I have not read any White Dwarfs past 104. So this news is mostly academic to me.

  2. It's been some 3 or 4 years since I bought anything from GW, except some black paint. about a year ago. I'm still really tempted by the Hobbit boxed set though...


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