Friday, February 14, 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge Highlights

We're at the halfway point. Still hanging in there?

Since there's a lot of blogs to read, I decided to link some of the highlights I came across while blog hopping.

I've notice some common stories: such as being introduced to D&D by a relative or friend, Waldenbooks being a go-to spot for gaming supplies early on, Dragon Magazine being the first gaming magazine people bought, and so on.

What follows, however, are a selection of stories that stand out in my mind. Here they are, in no particular order:

The Dwarven Stronghold
Where a boy in elementary school sells wrapping paper to order the D&D Basic Set from a special catalog.

How much does exactly a 12' tall demon weigh in gold?

Once More Unto the Breach!:
Where the author shares slaying his first dragon--his fear of Dungeons and Dragons.

The Disoriented Ranger:
After sitting and waiting for 15 hours, a 19-year old finally gets to play AD&D for the first time at a convention.  (There's also a pic of the 1e succubus).

The RPG Corner:
Where a playdate arranged under mysterious circumstances introduces the author to a lifetime of playing D&D.

Barbaric Frontier:
A first character death leads to the last time gaming with a DM.

Another Caffeinated Day:
Commentary on old gaming stores in the south Atlanta area, along with a link to The Complete Wargames Handbook.

The Scroll of Gnom-bientus: 
After leaving his first gaming store, where the owner had a Prince Valiant haircut and the store smelled funny, a sixth grader asks his mother: "Why would they do that?"

The World of Tiglath:
An important lesson for all DMs: Expect the worst from your players.

Adventures in Tabletop:
Where Ready Player One readies a player for D&D.

Ego Poisoning:
While many in this blog hop mention Waldenbooks, where we have Hastings. And the author is right: they aren't what they used to be. But I did buy the Epic Level Handbook once there for only $11 back in the day.

Ravenous Role Playing:
Yes, there was a time when you had to draw your own numbers on polyhedral dice. Here's a picture.

Keep blog hopping. Lots of good stuff to read out there.

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