Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dark Dungeons: The Movie

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
I completely forgot all about this Kickstarter to make Jack Chick's infamous tract into movie until stumbling upon on a link to it today. J.R. Ralls, the creator, raised just over $25k back in may. The movie isn't out yet--its missed in Nov. 2013 release. But  according to their Facebook page, they've begun filming.

It looks like most of the actors and actress are from the Seattle, WA, area. They've even got somebody to play Marcie's character Blackleaf. (I just wonder how big of a role it'll be).
Zombie Orpheus Entertainment 
I'm still not sure how J.R. Ralls, the producer, got Jack Chick's approval of this. He says it isn't meant to be a parody. If so, I guess every body's going get what they want from it. Jack Chick, and others who might be opposed to RPGs, will see it as great way to spread their message. Meanwhile, roleplayers will find it funny.

In other movie news, Nicholas Cage is starring in the latest version of Left Behind, though some are questioning his faith.

Ah the Rapture, scaring and confusing Christians since the 2nd Great Awakening, if not earlier. 

I just want there to be scene where Cage says, "I can't be-lieve I've been left... be-hind." 

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