Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 11: The Complete Bard's Handbook. Psionics. The Drama Continues.

In the on-going drama between Nathan (the DM who killed my character with a pit fiend) and I, at some point I asked him to use stuff from the Complete Bard's Handbook

Stephano was a bard, after all. I really wanted the Silence 15' Radius spell in the book to mute enemy spellcasters. It also featured optional rule where bards got XP for just using their abilities. 

The "Blade" kit was also cool with its sword twirling ability to intimidate opponents--they were also automatically ambidextrous. While I didn't want to convert Stephano to the "Blade" kit, I wanted a lot of the other options this book had to offer.

Eventually, I if I recall right, Nathan let me use many of the options in the book. I got to play a Blade in another, short-lived, Dragonlance campaign he ran. 

I'm not sure how annoying I got with my requests, but I do remember what happened when Nathan found out I had purchased the Complete Psionics Handbook. 

"Will you allow psionics?" Nathan asked one day. 

"I'm not sure yet," I said. "I haven't read through the book yet and considered all of the options."

A few days later: 

"Are you allowing psionics your game?" Nathan said. 

"No," I said. "I think they're too powerful and don't mesh well with the existing system."

"Oh, come'on, you should allow psionics." 


"Oh come'on..." 

This went on for weeks it seemed. Whenever we'd play D&D in his game, my game, or even a friend's game he'd bring it up. "It's not fair that you don't allow psionics." "Why did you buy the book to begin with if you won't allow psionics?" "Oh just allow psionics." 

Finally, after another round of pestering right before one of my sessions, I gave in. "Sure, Nathan, I'll allow psionics."


"Are you gonna roll up a psionicist?" 

"No." Then he started laughing. "I just wanted to get you to allow psionics." 

Even because of this, Nathan wasn't the first player to annoy the hell out of me, I swear. 

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