Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 18: A confession--I don't go to gaming conventions often...

I've only been to a handful of gaming conventions in my whole gaming career and, except for DragonCon, there were less than 100 people each.

My first was Fields of Honor, a wargaming convention in Des Moines, Iowa, back in 2003 or 4. I've been to that once twice. I'm not sure if CyCon in Ames, Iowa, counts. Apparently it was big in the late 1990s. But every year I went it was just the same gamers from around ISU until it went defunct a few years back.

I volunteered for DragonCon last year, but my weekend got shot out from under me after the first day because of an emergency.

Time and money were both problems. Still are. I just don't have the luxury to spend hundreds of dollars to go to a big convention where I know I'll spend hundreds of dollars more on merchandise. (Perhaps in the future).

Apparently, from all the stories I've heard, big conventions are either awesome or completely suck.

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