Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 20: The First non-D&D RPG I played.

That would be Shadowrun, I believe. 

I think this was late in my 9th grade year in High School. And the GM ended up cross-dressing, though not during our games. 

My first impression was that Shadowrun was far more complicated than AD&D 2e. The GM, Charles, must have thought so, too. He gave us some pre-gens to choose from. I still have the character sheet for Fandarin, the elf combat mage, who drove around on a Harley Scorpion looking all badass.

I don't remember too much about the first adventure, save Charles telling everybody how to run their character and saying, "You chew up the pavement," every time you missed at shooting. It seemed like Fandarin had a lot of cool spells, but I could never make the spell roll or whatever check needed to cast them. So Charles would tell me to just shoot stuff--but Fandarin wasn't good at shooting.

The first session ended with everybody unloading into a vampire as it tried to get away in a helicopter.  That was fun.

The second session had something to do with going to Hawaii, but we couldn't take all of our cool equipment on the plane. So we left most of it behind.

When he got to Hawaii, Charles had an NPC show up and say, "well, why didn't you just dis-assemble all of your guns?"

I remember all of us getting pretty annoyed at that. Charles kept saying, "Well, this is a scenario for advanced players and characters." And I was like, "but this is only the second time we've ever played."

It was also the last time. I think he folded the game because he couldn't find "good enough" players.

I don't think I saw him much after that. I think he dropped out of school, becoming one of the 25% of  my class that didn't make it from their freshman to their senior year. 


  1. Loved ShadowRun! Too bad that your first couple of times were so "off".

  2. Still have a lot of the old ShadowRun books. It was a fun game, one of the few I bought more than just the basic handbook. The format they used for adventures was quite good, made you think of how you could get the players back on track.

  3. ShadowRun was cool. I just never got to play it much. When I got to college, another GM wanted to run it. We played in exactly ONE session right before winter break. Everybody got excited. He said he would start the campaign right at the start of spring semester. He even loaned me a couple "splatbooks" to look at.

    He never came back to school, and nobody could get in touch with him via email. I kept the two books for about a year before selling them at used book store.


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