Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 25: Longest Running Campaign/Gaming Group I've Been In

That's a map from the Greyhawk: From the Ashes boxed set. I used it a lot during the 10 years I ran my Greyhawk Campaign, from 6th grade until my 4th year in college.

The PCs travelled all over that map. They romped all over the Wild Coast, adventured in the Free City of Greyhawk, delved into ruins in the Cairn Hills, and explored lost ruins in the Gnarley and Welkwood forests. They even went outside the map at times, even travelling to and from Ravenloft and Planescape.

We had a good run. Alex, Ian, Nathan, Mike, and the other Mike--even my brother who introduced me to D&D would play sometimes. There we other gamers, but those stuck with it, more or less, for the long haul.

I'd run more-or-less monthly--or try to. Scheduling was always a problem. Sometimes, after we hadn't played in awhile, we'd do marathon sessions starting Saturday afternoon, play until 3 am, stuff ourselves full of snacks and pizza, go to sleep, wake up late Sunday morning, and play for a few more hours.

Sometimes things got pretty loopy at 3 am. But it was fun.

It always amazed me how much material the group would get through. I was the great DM who prepared everything, but sometimes I'd have to wing it--or pull out another module I'd somewhat familiar enough to to run.

There was always another adventure. The campaign had a grand story arc. It should have wrapped up at the end of high school, but the last session left players wanting more (it was also one massive railroad that kinda left a bad taste in my mouth).

So I continued running for those who'd be home on the weekends from college. We all still pretty much lived in Iowa. The clock was ticking though. By my 4th year in college, the group had pretty much drifted apart.

We were only, at most, 2-3 sessions (or one marathon session) away from the campaign's climactic conclusion.

Sometime after, I told Alex, who had only missed one session during the entire campaign all of the secrets of the campaign and he said, "Whoa."

It seems like we had all the time in the world. Yet the world caught up with us.

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  1. Those were some good times! Every adventure was a blast and I got to enjoy it with my closest friends. Who could ask for more? The wild coast was Ciro's oyster and I'd like to think he found his pearl at last.


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