Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 3: First dungeons.

My first character never made into an actual dungeon. I recall lots of wilderness exploration in the first adventure. I remember Havoc getting hired by one of the king's guards to find the guard's lost brother, who had the tattoo of a Green Dragon on his arm. Havoc had to seek out the mysterious Dragon Lady to discover the whereabouts, but the adventure ended as did the campaign.

I wasn't until about 7th Grade, that I got to play in a campaign (Dragonlance) and venture into a dungeon. I recall my character, Stephano--who was a 2nd level bard--somehow getting involved with three Knights of Solamnia with the other characters to delve into a dungeon in search of something (which I now can't remember). My best friend, Nathan, ran the game.

We could have been looking for the Dragonslayer sword Stephano found after he got separated from the group (okay, he intentionally wandered off). He fought a Vampire Rose-type plant thing to get the sword and almost died. It was the start of a good campaign that lasted for about three years. And then Nathan, the DM, had Stephano killed...

...but that story will have to wait until Day 6.

I've already talked about the first dungeon I ran--A Yuan-ti, his Tasloi Minions and a Siege Tower. Grr. 

I wish I could say those early adventures I wrote and DM were extraordinary, but they weren't.

Lots of railroading.

It was also difficult to find players so I had my players control two characters. But then one day, Nathan said he wanted to run three characters: an elven fighter/mage named Zenoth, a half-elf thief, and a Dwarf named Diken. I said "no" but he kept asking and rolled up one anyway.

I distinctly remember writing in my notes "Diken must DIE!" 

The group was  traveling from Longspear to Saltmarsh in the World of Greyhawk (Gee, could they be heading to a certain Haunted House?) When they got to the bridge over the Javan River, they got attacked by bandits (or goblins or something). I had Diken somehow get knocked off the bridge and get washed away in the river and drown. 

Talk about being a passive-aggressive little twit. No teenage angst there. None at all.

Maybe that's why I had problems finding players.

Who knows? Perhaps the death of Stephano might have been payback...

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