Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 4: First Dragon Your Character Slew (or Some Other Powerful Monster)

Stephano, my first character, once encountered a Fire Drake in Dragonlance--but I don't think that counts. I think there might have also been a hydra, but I'm not certain.

Once he was the lone survivor of a large flooded room with two water elementals. The DM kinda messed up. The elementals needed +2 weapons to hit, and Stephano was only group who had one--but he was a bard, not a fighter. I think he killed one and then ran as the others in the group were pulled under and drown.

But of the most memorable adventures featured banshees, a death knight, and an undead beholder.

After being teleported to another part of Dragonlance where an undead army (instead of Dragons) were rampaging across the land, Stephano and his companions found themselves in a city besieged by undead. The undead army had banshees flying around.

So Stephano plugged his ears with wax, cast fly and took the to air and defeated one in single combat (yay, XP only for me!)

In didn't matter much. The undead army won. We were all captured, with our stuff taken away (including Stephano's vaunted Dragonslayer sword). I guess we were to become food for the vampires in the army,

After somehow escaping, we found ourselves in the city sewers looking for away out. We found were it drained into the river, but exit was guarded by... an undead beholder.

We were all mid-level characters, lacking much of our equipment because we'd just got captured (that particular DM loved to have use get captured to fleece us down of magic items. Stephano had to deceive a death knight (not Lord Soth) to get his Dragonslayer sword back--he challenged him to a duel, but asked for his blade back, when the death knight chucked it at him, Stephano grabbed the blade and ran).

I'm not sure how we beat the undead beholder. I think we lost a PC or two. Somehow we survived and escaped.

Banshees, a death knight, and an undead beholder--I swear to this day the DM was trying to kill us. 


  1. That's something I do enjoy about mid-level D&D: the DM can throw all kinds of crazy crap at you, and if you play smart you'll still survive.

    Also, all these Dragonlance memories are making me a little wistful for the setting. I missed the hate train for the modules and novels (never read either). All I know is that as a kid I really liked stuff like Dragonlances, Death Knights, Flying Citadels, and all that other cool stuff. Might have to track down a copy of Dragonlance Adventures on eBay...

    1. I'll have to do a retrospective of Dragonlance Adventures in the near future.


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