Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 6: And then one day, my character got torn apart and eaten by a pit fiend.

Grr... I'm a 2e Pit Fiend. Grr. Argh.

Behold! A tale of two DMs, teenage angst, and nerd rage! 

Stephano was the first character I ever got to play in D&D (I usually DMed).  He'd made it to 8th or 9th level by being smart. He had survived the Tests at the High Tower of Sorcery to legitimately cast 3rd level spells (stupid Dragonlance and its rules--but those fireballs came in handy later on). Not even an undead army which included a banshee, a death knight, and an undead beholder could stop him (sure, he ran away a lot, but that's not stopping). 

"But think how EPIC it'd be..."
But then one night, Nathan, the DM, had Stephano's long-lost twin brother start appearing to him in dreams. I can't remember the brother's name, but he kept saying stuff like: 

"Only we have the power within to prevent the great evil from being set free upon the world." 

"You must give up your selfish ways if the world is to survive the coming evil." 

"You must seek me out, so we can defeat this evil." 

Oh no. No, no, no. 

I am not pursuing some twin-brother/Caramon-Raistlin storyline. 

Stephano was carefree and chaotic neutral. Sure, he was one step from becoming chaotic evil for burning down a kender village, but they stole his dragonslaying sword and he was mad.  Okay, okay, fine--he didn't just torch the village, he ran the Dragonslayer through the village elder's gullet once he got the sword back. And then hacked, slashed, and blasted his way out of the village, slaughtering those filthy little thieves. 

He also liked to wander off from the rest of the group (okay, I admit, I just wanted to get away from the first player who just annoyed the hell out me--see Day 19). 

Furthermore, the Nathan's favorite characters kept dying in my campaign. 

So maybe, just maybe, Stephano had it coming.

Finally, after I/Stephano refused this call for sometime, the Nathan had the Stephano get conked over the head by falling tree branch. No saving throw. 

Stephano woke up in a strange room with no exit but a magical portal on one wall. And there, in the flesh, was his long-lost twin brother. He told Stephano that only they had the power within to prevent great evil from coming into the world.... "Just take my hands!"

I rolled my eyes.  

Stephano grasped his brother's hands and they both turned to stone, thus sealing the portal with their "inner power." 

It could have ended there. But I was annoyed, angry even at being railroaded out of the campaign. So I pestered the Nathan to bring Stephano back. 

And, after a month or so. He did. 

Stephano awoke to find that he was in the same room. Both he and his long-lost twin brother had become flesh again--but something had gone wrong. The portal had activated again. The evil might get through.

"We have to go through the portal and defeat the evil," he said. 

Oh gawd. 

I tried searching for another way out. Anything. Again, Nothing.

So Stephano and his twin went through the portal, and ending up in a huge cavern lit with hellfire. There, at the opposite end, was the Pit Fiend and two Abishai devils. 

Even with Stephano's twin brother, we didn't stand a chance. 

We killed the Abishai in the first round or two.

But then Stephano's twin brother got chewed up by the Pit Fiend--it wanted to eat us.

Stephano used his winged boots to fly around and keep away from the devil by ducking and diving between pillars of rock. He put up a decent fight--nailing the fiend with a well-placed lightning bolt, followed by a couple volleys of magic missiles. But then he ran out of anything that could affect the fiend from a distance. 

The devil started regenerating his wounds. 

So Stephano did one last suicidal run with his Dragonslayer, hoping it had enough bonuses to at least harm the devil.

The pit fiend torn apart Stephano with six attacks and then ate him. 

It was over.

Even though he was one of my best friends at the time, I don't remember playing in Nathan's games for awhile after that...


  1. That's some pretty shitty railroading there by Nathan. No wonder you didn't want him DMing you again for a while after that.

    I know it was cribbed from Dragonlance, but the idea of an "log-lost twin brother" could have been really cool if it wasn't such a blatant piece of DM fiat to kill off your character. Twice. Bad Nathan ;)

    1. Both of us really bought into the whole "plot and storyline" model TSR promoted with 2e. Characters were there to help advance the DM's story. That, of course, lead to player-DM conflict.

      We were also angsty teens. :D


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