Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 7: First D&D product I bought--AD&D PHB 2e (I think)

The AD&D Second Edition Player's Handbook, I'm fairly certain, was the first D&D product I bought.

Or maybe it was a set of polyhedral dice?

I know it couldn't have been some Ral Partha miniatures, those came later.

For the first couple years I DMed, my brother loaned me his AD&D First Edition books. Just the corebooks and couple of adventures like the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, not stuff like Unearthed Arcana or the Wilderness Survival Guide. So I held off on buying AD&D 2e stuff for awhile.

When did I switch my Greyhawk Campaign to AD&D Second Edition--late 7th Grade, maybe? 

I still have that AD&D 2e Player's Handbook I bought all of those years ago. It got a lot of use--the binding and threading is starting to give way. But that's why I bought another copy a few years ago.


  1. That's really cool that you still have your old 2E PHB! My teenage group back in the day had a lot of cool books...aaaaand then one of the group went hard-core born-again Christian and destroyed all our books. I've never forgotten the trauma of that event, man. Never. What a dope that guy was, man. I'm just glad my copy of the Rules Cyclopedia escaped that idiotic purge...

    1. Man, that must have been traumatic. I experienced something similiar--fortunately my D&D books were safe and sound. Two of my friends D&D collections weren't. But that's a tale for Day 17.


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