Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 9: Homebrew, Greyhawk, and Dragonlance.

I still have this black and white
 copy after all of these years.

The first campaign setting I ran as a DM was a homebrew setting with no name. It had four small continents--looking vaguely like something out of Final Fantasy.

I soon, however, switched to Greyhawk after getting my brother to photocopy parts of Darlene's famous World of Greyhawk poster map for me. I've always loved those maps since I first saw them in my brother's room almost 30 (!) years ago.

I switched to Greyhawk because it took a lot of work to build a world. While I liked drawing continents, I was terrible with names. Also, I felt like I had to design a good chunk of the setting before I started the first adventure.  (I, of course, learned later that his wasn't the case).

Dragonlance, however was the first campaign setting I played in as a player. You can read about it in the early posts of this blog hop.

Here I drew in roads and towns.
Barely legible now.

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