Monday, February 24, 2014

Mini Monday: Combining Wargaming and Roleplaying--your experiences?

Have you ever played in a campaign that where the GM ran both roleplaying and wargaming sessions? Like a massive military campaign where the adventurers go off to adventure while armies fight?

Since I got into the wargaming hobby some 14 years ago, I've always wanted to run a campaign where
miniature battles on the tabletop would influence what happens in the RPGs session.

Aside from a few skirmishes, however, my ambition was far bigger than abilities and the number of miniatures I had painted. Neither the massive siege of a city that I envisioned early on came to fruition, nor did any pitched battles. Also, most of the wargamers I knew played historical wargame--not too many fantasy armies, even for Warhammer, were available.

I once ran a scenario featuring a raid on a village. A PC participated on the raid and later became a true paladin as part of his back story to repent what he had done.

But what I'm talking about would feature military objectives. Armies would, for example, have to hold a bridge against an enemy while the PCs explore some nearby ruins looking for treasure and magic. I can even envision PCs becoming captains of their own mercenary bands at high enough level.

As my thoughts turn toward running my next campaign, I realize now that many of these resources are available. I have enough Hundred Years' War figures for two armies. Others I know own fantasy armies.

A simple rule system like Neil Thomas's Ancient and Medieval Wargaming can be used for the wargaming, while a AD&D 2e or a retroclone would be used for the roleplaying. I wouldn't want anything too complicated.

Have you done or participated in anything like this? How did it go?


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  2. Great minds think alike. I got into RPGs from wargames, but for the longest time was a player rather than DM.

    However in the last decade or so my "wish list" of campaign elements has always included a grand battle that the PCs are part of (either as simple foot soldiers or commanders).

    That scenario has yet to materialise, but I keep hoping.

  3. I've always wanted to but no campaign ever got to quite that situation. I'd probably use either a modified version of Warhammer Fantasy or Hordes of the Things for the army battles.

  4. I've done it using a very stripped down Warhammer ruleset during a DCC campaign I ran. The players though it was okay, that the rules were kind of clunky, which, to be fair, next to DCC, they were.

  5. I've never played or ran a campaign with a war in it; and although it wasn't originally in the campaign plan, the game I'm currently running for my group is leading towards a war that the PCs are going to be heavily involved in.

    It is D&D, although we don't really use miniatures in the game so it will all be kept up with on paper. Which is going to mean more work for me sadly. But hopefully it will turn out well.


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