Monday, February 10, 2014

Mini Monday: Martian Empires

Here's a few pics from another Martian Empires game I sort of participated in last Saturday. I couldn't stay long, so I played some French guarding the left flank on our side, keeping watch over the narrow bridge of a martian canal.

And that's where I pretty much stayed while I was there. No big deal. I was the second time I played, and I don't like jumping into games I know I can't finish, so they put me on a non-essential part of the battlefield. Also, I really annoys me when somebody shows up, can only play for a short time, and then screws up the game right before they leave. 

Another shot from our perspective.

The attackers perspecitve. More troops moved on to the field so they could attack the fortress.

Another shot, from the Prussian point of view. I'm not sure how the game ended. But I looked like most people were having a good time, though.

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