Monday, February 3, 2014

Mini Monday: One Month, 73 Miniatures

I'll post my D&D Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge Day 3 answer later today, in the meantime...

Last Thursday, January 27, at 2:59 PM, I put my brush down. I had just finished painting 73 miniatures for the month of January. This is the most miniatures I've ever completed in a month, in all of my 25 years in the hobby. 

My original goal was 36.

So what happened? 
I got fed up. Last year I came nowhere near close to finishing 52 miniatures as I had planned. So that was frustrating. I got also got tired of poking around my collection and finding unfinished products.

Some of which went back over a decade, the troll skeletons (see the pic above). I'd painted up those in the early 2000s, back when I first starting painting. I didn't have the skills to make them look better, so they sat for years finished, but not up to the standard I wanted.

Others, like the air elemental which dates back to the early 1990s, sat primed but never painted, often for years.

The painting frenzy itself began in early January, with the unarmed Hundred Years' War archers in the back row. I used them to help finish of some old Games Workshop paints. I finished those fairly quickly using the Army Painter Quickshade varnish, and picked up momentum.

Soon I started asking myself: "What could I paint fast? What's in my collection that can be done up quickly?" Most of what I got done were rank-and-file troops that require little detailing and few colors--such as those skeletons with axes up above. (At this point, I'm not certain if I'll keep them on individual bases or not--hence no flocking or decorating the bases. 

I painted the giant rat last, in twenty minutes. On the last day, I set myself a time limit--I had other things to--despite being shut inside because of the snow storm that hit Atlanta in the middle of that week. In that last half-hour, I desperately was looking for something quick to paint. The rat served nicely. I got him done just in time.

Here's the list of what I painted: 
16 Early Hundred Years' War Archers, by Black Tree Design.
12 more HYW Archers (unarmored), by Black Tree Design.
11 Early HYW Halberdiers, by Black Tree Design. 
8 Skeletons with axes by Mega Miniatures (which is sadly out of business) 
5 Assorted Townsfolk by Mega Miniatures
4 Assorted familiars by Games Workshop. 
4 Human Conscript Spearmen for Chainmail by WotC. 
3 Battered Skeletal Trolls for Chainmail by WotC. 
2 Cultists by Reaper.
2 Candelabras by Reaper.
1 Air Elemental by Ral Partha.
1 Skeletal Equiceph for Chainmail by WotC. 
1 Pulverizer again for Chainmail by WotC. 
1 Pedestal with a Gem by Grenadier(?)
1 Ogre from the old Battlemaster's Game. 
1 Giant Rat familiar by Reaper.

Above is are the dozen miniatures that didn't quite make it--but now I've a good start on these for these month.

I also got lucky.

For a day or two in mid-January, the temperature warmed up enough for me to be comfortable priming and dipping miniatures in my basement. (You don't want the temperature to be too cold or hot).

I also got a lot of painting done over MLK weekend--I didn't work that Monday.

Then, to top it off, a snowstorm crippled Atlanta last week. I didn't leave my house for three days.

What also played a key role was a new-found confidence from painting this Paladin at the end of last year. I also found the endurance and discipline to stretch to new goals. If I had some paint left over, I'd find another miniature that would use a similar color. I just wanted to get these miniatures done. And I did.

This a record for me. I doubt I'll finish that many in February, but I'll do what I can and post the results.

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  1. Well done sir!
    73 is impressive.
    I may have to up my game in Feb!


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