Saturday, February 1, 2014

Playing Grimmsgate. (Part 2)

Three posts in one day.  I don't plan on making it habit, but gaming has been really good lately, so I wanted to share. 

[Here's the obligatory SPOILER ALERT]

Last night, I got to play through part of Grimmsgate, ran by the new DM again.  A couple new players 

Last night the group and I got to make a couple more expeditions in the Swords & Wizardry adventure Grimmsgate. I'm still having a blast. A couple new players showed up. The ended up having a human fighter, an elf wizard, an elf cleric, a dwarf thief, and my character, a dwarf fighter/thief named Wolfram.

We continued exploring the ruined Temple of Law on the level we began exploring last week.  

The fighter advances after destroying two of the skeletons
with his multiple attacks against creatures with 1 HD or less.
He wielded a +1 Mace from last time.

In one room we fought some skeletons and a minor demon of some kind. The demon was standing in a pentagram (represented by the knot on the table). He took them out with little trouble.

We found some pretty good loot after fighting some "mole people" who had claws for hands and a penchant for cannibalism. Wolfram got a +1 short sword, so he was pretty happy with that.

What's this? An secret entrance from behind the fireplace? 

In another part of the dungeon we found a secret tunnel that led to a kitchen more "mole people." The entrance was behind a fireplace.

HeroQuest and Dragonstrike figures along with HeroQuest furniture:
still getting good use after all of these years
Wolfram tried to quietly open up the secret door in the fireplace to sneak up and back stab the first "mole man." The rest of the party was going to charge out, taking the rest by surprise. It was a long shot. Wolfram only had a 25% chance of Moving Silently. I rolled a 26.

While Wolfram still took the monster by surprise, getting to attack first, he then rolled a natural 1 on his attack die, fumbling and dropping his new +1 short sword.

The rest of the fight was pretty brutal. Wolfram reached 0 hit points, the wizard gave him a potion of healing right away. Even the fighter took a hit, despite his vaunted AC 18 (Plate armor, shield, and dexterity bonus).  The other dwarf, the thief (sadly with 1 hit point), died.

Man I had fun.

I'll say again that Grimmsgate is good module so far. The DM has had little problems running it. I'll give a complete review once I'll played through it and later read it.

I've realized, however, that I might have come full circle with my gaming. I haven't played dwarf character in 25 years, not since my very first character. 

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  1. I do love Grimmsgate as an intro module. It's easy to run, even for a novice GM, and the adventure in itself is solid and well put-together. As well it's quite flexible in preparation, which is always a bonus for anyone who needs to modify the adventure for their gaming group.

    I definitely give it 5 stars +1


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