Saturday, February 8, 2014

Playing Grimmsgate (Part 3)

Friday night I once again played in Sword & Wizardry's Grimmsgate. 

This time we had two sidetrek. At the beginning of the session we only had 2 players, so myself and the other player rolled up another character for each of us. I created a cleric of a Sun God, who spoke German and broken Common, named Kristopf to accompany my dwarf fighter/thief, Wolfram.

But then the other players showed up, along with two new players (we've been having a rotating roster of players since the campaign began--but the core three have showed up each time). They rolled up characters and the DM made up a plot involving Wolfram going hunting.

We had total of 6 players.
2 fighters--1 dwarf, 1 human
2 clerics--1 dwarf, 1 human
2 wizards--1 elf, 1 human.

We set off on the first "side trek" to discover what had happened to a shipment of goods that was supposed to be delivered to Grimmgate's Emporium.

It turned out an ogre ambushed them at river crossing called Harkin's Ford. The ogre also ambushed us, kicking a pile of rocks down a hill at at us before rushing in.

The wizards first tried their spells--sleep and charm--neither worked. (The DM decided that sleep needs a saving throw). Then they chucked darts at it, while the rest ganged up on it. Finally, the elf wizard blasted it with a magic missile.

We found its lair, looted its treasure and headed back to town. On the way we fought a "moleman" hiding in the brush--the same kind we've encountered before in the dungeons of the ruined Temple of Law.

Back in Grimmsgate, a couple days went by and Wolfram hadn't returned. We soon learned that bandits were operating in the area and figured they might have something to do with it.

So we set off, saw the strange "black thing" fly across the sky, going northwest. While we were distracted, some Rodents of Unusual Size attacked us.

After we killed them, we ventured further into the hills and got the feeling we were being watched. We waited for a few minutes, expecting an ambush. But then Kristopf saw some movement in the woods. Whoever it might be was heading toward a hill in the distance. We traveled to circle the hill.

We found an old campsite--with Wolfram's green cloak underneath one of the logs. Soon after we discovered a trail leading up the hillside.

We flanked the trail, moving very slowly and quitely. Suddenly we heard voices behind us; two bandits talking. We ambushed them putting one to sleep, and killing the other. We then interrogated the other.

One of the wizards in the group made a deal with him, paid him 10 gp to go back to town and become one of his own henchmen if he told use the whereabouts of the rest of the bandits.

Armed with this knowledge, we proceeded up the hill and attacked the small bandit camp, killing their leader and 3 of his minions, and driving off 2 others. The we looted the camp--discovering Wolfram still alive but barely conscious in one of the tents, along with his equipment, which included a Potion of Healing.

We carried Wolfram back to town. It was slow going.

At Harkin's Ford we found the bandit whom the wizard made pact with standing there with the 2 bandits that ran away. The bandit killed his fellows, but not before taking a crossbow bolt to the chest, puncturing a lung. The group eventually saved this bandit by putting a wine bottle cord into the wound and sealing it with melted candle wax--and using Wolfram's Potion of Healing. 

They all made it back to town where Rhaal, the priest, healed the wounded. As treasure and experience points were divided up, players began making their own individual plans...


  1. Wow, that's some compelling stuff with the henchman! Eagerly looking forward to next session, keep it up!

    1. It'll probably be about 2 weeks before we play again--Valentine's Day landed on game night.

      For now, let's just say that Wolfram's not too happy with that henchman...


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