Sunday, February 23, 2014

Playing Grimmsgate! [Part 4 -- Finale]

[Obligatory Spoiler Alert]

Grimmsgate is done.

We had a good time, despite the fact that only two players showed up at first. And, though a third player arrived, the second player had to leave early. So the DM allowed us to run two character each.

So I pulled out my dwarf fighter/thief, Wolfram, and my new character from the last session, a Cleric of Virtoaa named Kristopf who speaks German and broken Common. The other player ran two fighters.

We first dealt with Ralmar, the sleazy the barkeep of the Silver Dagger Inn. That morning we found the common room empty. A few moments later Ralmar came out of the wine cellar followed by a terrible smell. He shut and locked the door and announced there would be no alcohol that day.

That wouldn't do. So we pressed him and he ran off.

We descended into the wine cellar and discovered a small dungeon with rats both big and small. At the end there was a summoning room, complete with a pentagram on the floor.

Suddenly, Ralmar came through a secret entrance and confronted us. He morphed into a strange ratman/demon thing. After a brief fight, Wolfram successfully moved silently and back stabbed the creature for maximum damage (Natural 20 for 16 hp!) with his +1 Shortsword.

Then we found a pulsating red gem covered in slime. An evil voice said that it'd get its revenge on us as the slime melted away, leaving behind a valuable gem.

By that time the third player showed up to help use finish clearing out the brief dungeon beneath the tavern. He brought his wizard. But then the second player had to go to another engagement. *Sigh* So the third player ran one of the fighters along with his wizard.

With the Ralmar dead, the drunken tavern owner, Gus, finally took back control of the Inn.

Kristopf gained enough XP to reach level 2. Now he could cast spells!

The group then made one final expedition into the ruins of the Temple of Law. We cleared out some unexplored rooms with more mutant molemen and learned more of the temple's history.

Finally, we confronted the source of the evil within the dungeon: the demon-host Arundel and its imp minions. We threw vials of  holy water found from a nearby blessed spring/pool. We attacked with spell and weapon. The demon's choking ash cloud made it hard to hit. But one by one the imps fell.

Kristopf used a cure light wounds heal the fighter, named Silver, wounded by Arundel. Then Arundel raged against Kristopf and the sun god he worshipped, tearing at him with claws. Kristopf collapsed, mortally wounded, but the wizard saved him with a potion of healing.

Wolfram tried to sneak up and back stab the demon-host, but missed with his attack, much to the dismay of the group.

Once on his feet, Kristopf raised his two-handed warhammer and shouted:

"Die Sonne scheint mir aus den Handen, kann verbrennen, kann auch blinden!"

The DM asked, "What does that mean?"

"The sun shining from my hands, can burn you, can blind you."

Kristopf smited the demon-host, destroying it once and for all.

(I had rolled another natural 20 for maximum damage)

We found some treasure, but Virtoaa awarded Kristopf by changing his two-handed warhammer with a spike on the end into a magical +1 weapon.

As we went outside, suddenly a wyrmling, possibly sensing the fall of Arundel, swooped down and attacked us. We had another difficult fight, but Rhaal, the last priest of the Temple of Law, aided us.

Finally, the evils both in and around Grimmsgate came to an end.

At this point, the other player went off to a Pathfinder game at another table (yeah...).  While he was gone, I sent Wolfram to find the wyrmling's lair. He discovered some treasure, as well as a treasure map.

When the player came back he asked, "Did you find anything in the dragon's lair?"


Playing through Grimmsgate was a lot of fun. I'm glad I put off reading through so I could play through it. I'll have a retrospective up soon, once I read through the module to see what parts we missed... ;)


  1. That sounds like a great time! And I think you're going to be as surprised by what's not written in the module as you are of what you may have missed :)

    1. Oh yeah. We missed some pretty obvious things.

      But man, I'm glad I handed that module to the newbie DM. Even he was a little surprised how straightforward it is.


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