Saturday, March 1, 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge Highlights [Part 2]

Why gamer friends are the bestest friends... and why 4e sucked but at least it was better than the movie.
(yeah, I tried to limit only one post per blog, but these were too good). 

Another Caffeinated Day
Next time somebody dissess the hobby: ask how much they spend on Fantasy Football--including the cable sports package.

Buffoons & Beasts
"We are the champions, my friends..."

D&D teaches that nobody is born a "doer."

Keeping dragons to a minimum.

Follow Me And Die
"You bash the balrog and I'll climb a tree." (Here's the actual lyrics--but then I stumbled upon Bashing the Balrog)

Rather Gamey
After travelling to ONLY store that sells D&D stuff for 80 miles, the author encounters the kid who wants to talk about his 87th level Thief/Bard/Magic-user/Ninja/Cyborg/Chiropodist...

Rumors of War
Playing a half-elf bard in D&D 3e.

I'll probably do a third list next week.

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