Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Do you think the pdf prices at D&D Classics are too expensive?

Yesterday I received that promotional email stating that The Masque of Red Death and Forbidden Lore were available at D&D Classics.  Both products are priced at $9.99--so about half the price of what they originally cost in the 1990s.

I've bought only a handful of D&D Classics products--usually around the $5 price point. I've been hesitant to buy more. The scans sometimes have flaws--as in the case with Greyhawk Ruins.

Is $9.99 a fair price for Forbidden Lore, given that the original boxed set contained a Tarokka/Tarot Card deck and set of dice? How will those items be reproduced in the pdf? 

How are the prices determined? They seem to be based on the original price of the physical product. Some are even as expensive as the original product. Discount/sales prices seem to vary wildly. 

I've been hesitant to purchase many of these products for these reasons. 

What you do think? Are the pdfs at D&D Classics too expensive? 


  1. Well Realms of Terror was originally priced at $19.99, so half that is not really too bad.

    I plan on picking these up myself.

  2. Some of them are. Some are priced well if it was a PDF I really wanted, but not low enough to be an impulse purchase. I might drop $5 on Greyhawk Ruins just to read it, say, but not $10 on a book I can't see myself using often. If more were in the $2-3 range (especially modules I already own in print), I might pick them up just to have a PDF copy handy.

    1. I also don't want to spent $10+ on something I might not use often. And I also agree on the $2-3 price range.

      But until WotC lowers prices or I get a lot more disposable income, I'll be on the fence with the vast majority of what they bring back in pdf.

  3. I got my B/X pdfs when they were on 50% off sale. But at full price, to not come with the modules and other supplemental stuff included would feel like a ripoff. Especially since you can pretty easily find all of the old modules and such for free elsewhere. There needs to be some value add here.

  4. $5 is the upper limit of what I'm generally willing to spend on a PDF, especially if it's a scan of something old!


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