Friday, March 14, 2014

Grimmsgate Campaign -- Session 5

Behold the power of Turn Undead--well sort of.
The ghouls and zombies still got through.

We're done with the module Grimmsgate, but the campaign continues. Last Sunday afternoon we played through part of an adventure the DM had planned using Swords & Wizardy.

Dramatis Personae:
Wolfram: a dwarf fighter/thief, levels 1/2
Kristopf: a lawful cleric of Virtoaa, level 2 (yeah, he can cast spells now!)
Silver: a human fighter, level 2
A second fighter, level 1 (of whom I can't remember the name.
A monk joined us later on in the adventure.
And of course, the DM, who confessed to misplacing his adventure note and making up most of the adventure on the fly. 

While the group was eating and drinking at the Silver Dagger Inn, a man named Aaron approached and told his tale of woe. Apparitions had cursed Aaron. Spirits that his father disturbed while exploring a nearby mausoleum had kept him from sleeping, and whenever Aaron slept, night terrors took over and he'd wake up screaming the name: MEDERETH.

He asked to return three items his father took from the mausoleum: a jeweled dagger, a scroll case, and a diamond ring. We checked to see if the items were magical, but they weren't.

Aaron himself guided us to the hilltop where the entrance to the tome supposedly lay. It was topped by a ring of statues, each holding a stone torch, unlit. Upon lighting each of the torches, the arms of each stature shifted downward, spewing fiery oil from the end of each torch onto the ground, burning away the grass and revealing a double stone door, with the name MEDERETH etched on the front.

Aaron stayed outside, he just wanted to make sure we'd find the place and fulfill our promise to help him. Kristopf cast detect evil and found that Aaron, was indeed, under some kind of strange baleful influence, but he himself was not evil. If Aarson was demonically possessed, it was still beyond Kristopf's power to aid him anyway.

We entered the mausoleum, with Wolfram often scouting ahead because of his dwarven vision. What he encountered was a multi-level dungeon. But each level consisted of only one or two rooms, with steep staircases linking each level.

But the entrance to each staircase was hidden. Each room had some sort of puzzle to solve or undead to defeat before we could find the staircase to the next level.

The most bizarre thing happened on the third level. We found a sarcophagus standing up against a wall. We opened it, and found a monk inside!

"How did I get here?" the monk's player, who come to the session late, asked the DM.

"What?" The DM said. "That's your story. I'm too busy making up other crap over here."

And the DM was doing a good job winging it.

On the 5th level, some 500 feet below the hilltop by Wolfram's reckoning, the party encountered a room full of coffins with four stone sarcophagi in the middle. The undead guardians awoke and attacked.

There were too many undead for Kristopf to turn. The ghouls attacked, almost paralyzing one of the fighters. Kristopf used his cure light wounds spell to bring another character back from the brink of death. But in the end the party triumphed.

We returned the jeweled dagger, the scroll case, and the diamond ring to their resting place.

We searched the room, looking for another secret entrance and any other treasure (which in retrospect, was a foolish thing to do).

We discovered an iron crown. Kristopf picked it up--it was cursed! Kristopf would now suffer from insomnia.

Thinking that our mission was completed, we made our ascent back to the surface and ask Aaron for our reward.

Instead we discovered the double doors at the entrance shut and locked--we were trapped! Aaron had betrayed us!

The next session isn't until March 28th. I can't wait to see how we'll get out of this mess.

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