Monday, March 10, 2014

Mini Monday: The Fall of Gondolin

Check out Tides of War for more pictures of this massive terrain set up depicting the fall of the elven city of Gondolin in the First Age of Middle Earth. I've been re-reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings lately, so seeing this is a special treat.

And here's how you can contruct Minas Tirith, if you so choose, from the same blog.

And, once you've got Minas Tirith built, here's the Battle of Pelannor Fields, featuring around 3,400 painted 28mm figures!

The blogger used to paint only in 15mm, but he converted over to 28mm about eight years ago and has painted over 12,000 miniatures to replace the earlier collection. This is on top of the terrain he builds.

(And here I had trouble getting 52 figures painted last year...)


  1. Thanks for that link. Truly inspirational (not that I could build anything like that even if I had the room!)

  2. Even though I'm not a fan of the narrow tower design, it's still lovely. Just one of the problems I've had with a lot of designs for Minas Tirith and other fantasy walled cities I've seen is while you've got quite tall tower, there's never really any room for a city between all of those walls. Now, if Osgiliath had ever been rebuilt, I guess it would've made sense for the farmers and common folk to live down in the valley and by the river and rely on Minas Tirith only when invaders forced them from their fields, but by itself, it never had the feel of a capital city in most of its portrayals.

    As much as I loved SPI's "Gondor" board game, which was probably one of the best representations of the battle in gaming, the fighting within the walls always felt more like an 'over the trenches' sort of thing rather than fighting within a city.


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