Sunday, March 9, 2014

One Thing I Wish More Female Gamers Would Do.

Tell the moron who's chatting about his favorite character to shut the hell up, rather than listening politely. 

Not only are you doing yourself a favor, but those around you as well--especially in your FLGS, where other games are going on nearby, and the players there probably don't want to hear about his damn character either. 

Yes, its complicated: you probably don't want to hurt his feelings. But its best that he learn his lesson sooner rather than later. If he hears it from you, it be more effective since he probably likes you and might think you like him back.

Being nice never works: never under-estimate the self-deception of the male ego.

Also, please believe me when I say that avoiding eye contact or looking around nervously won't help. He won't get the message.

I've done my share of running off morons pestering female gamers when I was an officer in a college gaming club. Those days are over for me.

So please step up.

To the gamer guys who "just don't get it:" Just because a female is in the store or sitting in your game and finally saying something to you (gasp!), doesn't mean you should try to regale her with stories about how you min/maxed your character, why a certain magic item was bequeathed to your character for no apparent reason, or how you character triumphed against all odds.

In fact:

Nobody wants to hear about your favorite character. 

I know you're already thinking about exceptions to this rule. But aren't any. Okay, maybe if they ask--but they won't.

To everybody else who understands this rule: I salute you. 

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  1. I clicked this link warily, because "female gamers" is usually the tag for an ignorant, nonsensical tirade. But ACTUALLY... you have a very good point, it is a problem almost exclusively for females, and lacks only one small bit of context. An important bit, though, so let me add it:

    Lady gamers, you're listening to be polite and because in a socially well-adjusted world, control of the conversation would soon shift to you, whereupon you would change the topic or politely make some excuse to leave. The gaming scene is NOT a socially well-adjusted world. He's just going to keep on talking, and IF you get control and change the topic, he'll just change it back. When you listen politely, he thinks you LIKE HIM. And since he is, again, NOT socially well-adjusted, he thinks a female liking him means sexually, regardless of age or other really important factors. So when you politely listen to him talk about something and he goes on... and on... and on... and keeps trying to get attention from you and the group, he is basically beating his chest to get you to f**k him. YOU are NOT obliged to be polite when someone is being so incredibly RUDE to you; be rude back, or he'll never calm down and learn how to be a decent human being.


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